Asus Tablet Repair

Asus Tablet Repair

Asus is one of the leaders in the affordable electronics arena. They make quality electronics, from televisions to telephones, and of course the ever-relevant tablet. With so many different kinds of tablets out there, ranging from devices that are mostly computer monitors to phablets that stretch out smartphones, it’s hard to decide which to get. No matter what size, Asus is always a smart tablet purchase.

Asus has three major tablets, the VivoPad, the Transformer, and the Memo Pad with a few other makes and models. While none of these tablets are going to compete with Apple or Samsung in terms of performance, it crushes them both in affordability and durability. The latest MeMO Pad 10 might only have 1 GHz of RAM and 8 Gb of storage, but it also only costs $170. One could buy their whole family MeMO Pads for the price of just one iPad.

About Dr Phone Fix Asus Tablet Repair Services

When your Asus tablet goes for a swim, or get smashed in a book bag, Dr Phone Fix is the best choice for the Asus Tablet Repair. Self-repair takes time to learn and voids the warranty upon opening the device, so trusting a trained professional is advised. Their technicians are equipped with specialized tools to meticulously perform the repair and have the device working like new in no time.

With many damaged devices, it is not immediately apparent on the surface what is wrong. A cracked screen is a dead give away, but other parts are often damaged too since dropping is usually a pattern and not an isolated incident. Dr Phone Fix runs diagnostics on the device to make sure that all malfunctioning parts can be repaired and save the customer another trip.

Professional Asus Tablet Repair By Dr Phone Fix

Finishing a repair does not merely mean that the repair technician closes the device, puts the screws back in the device, and sends it on its way. For an Asus Tablet Repair to be considered complete, all adhesive layers in the device need to replace, any screws that are at risk of stripping need to be exchanged, and more diagnostics need to be done to make sure that all components within the device are working correctly.

Dr Phone Fix has proudly served the Southern Florida area for more than a decade and is now proud to offer mail-in repairs so that no matter where you are, you always have access to reliable and trustworthy repair service. With locations opening across the country, there is one close to you soon. This year we repair our 400,000th device, representing a commitment to keeping electronics out of landfills and helping our customers make the most of their technological investments.