Google Wifi Installation


Customer Device: Google Wifi

Google WiFi 

Stay connected with the world around you with the Google WiFi system. Google WiFi can replace your old router network and is compatible with your modem and ISP to create its own network. Increase your home’s WiFi coverage and begin streaming, downloading, and sharing instantly. 

It has built-in smart features to keep your WiFi network working at high speed. It’s flexible, reduces dead zones, and it handles your smart devices and other online activities with ease. It’s very simple to set up and control and delivers a consistently strong and secure signal. 

Google WiFi creates a connected system that provides a strong signal all throughout your home. You also get a faster WiFi connection so that your upload, download, and search speed is optimized for better performance. Google WiFi uses mesh technology to create one integrated WiFi network, enabling you to stream movies on your smartphone or tablet from any room without dropping a signal. 

It has cloud-based security features that automatically update and keeps you protected. It protects your WiFi network against hackers and eavesdroppers to ensure that your information is safe. With the Google WiFi app, you can share your password with friends and family so that they have access as well. Keep track of your whole family’s screen time and control how long your children have the Internet in case they’ve been on their devices for too long or it’s bedtime. 

It’s compatible with Android OS 4.0 or higher, as well as Apple iOS 8 or higher. Google WiFi provides a reliable signal that can be shared by multiple smart devices at once. Have the peace of mind in knowing that your signal is strong and secure. Watch a movie on your phone as you walk from room to room and never worry about dropping a signal. Stream, upload, download, and search at maximized performance speed so that you never have to wait for results. 

For all questions about your Google WiFi, call Techy. We can help you set up your Google WiFi in your home and show you the ropes of the entire system. Call or come by one of our Techy locations today!