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13 Year Old Viral YouTube Moment With Grant Cardone Led Him to Become Techy Youngest Franchise Owner

13-year-old Parker found a passion for repairing devices and learned how to repair phones online. Parker's interest built a desire to have a business in repairing devices. One encounter with the right person can make a difference in fulfilling your aspirations. The 10x Growth Conference became that difference in Parker's journey. While attending a previous 10x Growth Conference with his father, John, a tech businessman, Parker was a fearless networker who spoke to everyone.

At the conference, Parker was invited on stage by Cardone to answer his question, what advice would you give someone my age who wanted to start a business. Cardone gave Parker a money goal to earn $10,000 in a year.

This challenge sparked Parker to use his repairing phone skills to reach his money goal. Although he originally got on stage to get his question answered, he ended up pitching his phone repair services to the crowd with the help of Cardone.

Bill, the CEO of Techy, viewed the viral clip and wanted to assist Parker with starting his own repair franchise business. Parker now have a built-in system to launch and operate his business with Techy's resources. Determine to turn his dream into reality. Parker raised the money for the franchise fee through sales calls and marketing videos. After coming up with the money to start his franchise, Parker flew down to Florida to begin his official training to run a Techy location. With the support of his parents, Parker will be opening up his Techy franchise in Maine at the age of 14 years old.

As parents, John and his wife allow Parker to take the initiative and let him get involved in making business decisions. His parents are proud that Parker has an opportunity to learn about different aspects of business, such as cold calling, speaking with customers, marketing, and so much more. They are an advocate for allowing their children to forge their paths.

With educational training and real-world experience, Parker is set to accomplish significant strides in business. He is most excited about helping customers repair their devices, and in the future, Parker wants to open more locations.

At Parker's Techy store, he and his team can repair any broken device. When you are having trouble with your laptop motherboard or need a screen replacement on your phone, head over to Techy Waterville. Additional repair services include back glass, cameras, and more. You can also purchase a wide range of electronic devices from iPhone, iMac, etc.

Go to to get more information about the services and products offered.

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