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Techy Out Of South Florida Acquires Internationally Known Experimax

Techy  repairs electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles. They also set up smart home installations and TV mounting/dismounting. Experimax is a company specializing in Apple product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales, and trade-ins for iPhones, iPads, Macbooks.

Techy, a smaller company with 50 locations acquired the larger Experimax by having the wherewithal and knowledge of the benefits of this marriage. The products, services, and goals of both companies align in a way where this acquisition makes perfect sense for wonders, franchisees, and customers. Techy always envisioned the Experimax concept as part of their platform.

The Techy and Experimax acquisition will initially focus on:

  • Benefitting from each other's expertise
  • Improving customer experience
  • Greater interaction between corporate and franchisees

The team at each Techy location also offers advice and support for customers. They work hard to demonstrate to customers how they can better protect their electronic devices and properly operate smart home accessories for a more connected digital world.

"Since 2019, Techy has seen a significant increase in consumer demand for technological products and services," says Techy Co-Founder and CEO, Bill Daragan. "We have worked hard to open new locations, this acquisition will help meet those demands while taking our company to the next level."

About Techy

What started off with the Techy CEO owning a cell phone accessory store in 2006, soon became a  cell phone repair business  under the name Drphonefix. In 2011 he changed the name to Techy to more accurately represent the new products and services they offer. Today, Techy is a recognized leader in the  electronic device repair  and smart home installation industry with the highest standards for serving its hundreds of thousands customers.

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