BLU Repair

BLU Repair

BLU mobile devices are in over 40 countries to more than 25 million customers. This company, which started in 2009, produces devices that meet a variety of customer needs at very competitive pricing. BLU is the fastest growing manufacturer of mobile devices in recent history. Headquartered in Miami, Florida BLU has customers throughout the world.

There are more than ten different BLU devices for sale and used today. These touchscreen smartphones come in all different sizes with various features and accessories. They are similar to more mainstream devices like Samsung's Galaxy or Apple's iPhone but are much less expensive. At the rate that smartphones get damaged, break or stop working, its no wonder that more and more customers are choosing a manufacturer like BLU when they buy a new device.

One of the most frequent repairs done to BLU's line of smartphones have to do with their batteries

It is not uncommon for owners to experience a device that won't charge, cracked or broken screen. Just like the devices of a competitor, this could be due to an error on behalf of the manufacturer overheating, water damage, or a software problem. Also, phones like the BLU Studio 5.5 often take advantage of replacement parts like the touchscreen.

Not any repair company can fix a BLU device. Although they are built similarly to other smartphones on the market, they are unique and have pieces and parts exclusive to the company. Dr PhoneFix has the credentials, knowledge, and experience to fix these devices. If you have a BLU smartphone and are looking for a repair location, you don't have to look any further.