Master License

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A Locally Adapted Business Model.

Our Techy business models have demonstrated success across numerous countries globally. However, we recognize the unique geographical, cultural, and business differences that exist between countries.

We are committed to collaborating closely with you to tailor our brand and business model to suit the specific needs of your local market.

Our most successful Master License partners are those who have a deep understanding of their local market conditions, business environment, and economic factors.

We value your expertise and encourage you to blend your local insights with our established formula for success.

Adaptable Possibilities

Our ability to adapt has driven our expansion worldwide.

Our brand is present in many diverse locations, from the shores of Australia to the coast of South Africa, and the frozen tundra in Canada.

In every location, we’ve tailored our brand to resonate with the local market’s unique needs.

Techy has a global presence and is on a path of continued growth. This could be your opportunity as well!

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Benefits of Master License

  • Globally Recognized Brand: Techy’s name and reputation carry weight worldwide, ensuring customer trust and recognition from day one.
  • Expand Your Revenue: Open multiple Techy locations, sell sub-franchises, and create diverse revenue sources for maximum profitability.
  • Own Your Territory: Secure exclusive rights to develop an entire region, becoming the go-to Techy provider in your chosen market.
  • International Powerhouse: We’re already established in 11 countries, with a focus on expanding into hot markets like the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, and India.
  • Unmatched Support: Benefit from Techy USA’s 10+ years of franchising expertise, including development guidance, marketing, lead generation, operations, and technology.
  • Global Team on Your Side: Our dedicated International Support Department provides around-the-clock assistance and training tailored to your time zone.

Global Insights

 As a Techy partner, our international team will collaborate with you to pinpoint vendors, analyze competitors, and set up our POS system for its debut in your market.

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Demographic Analysis

Should our demographic research indicate that your country is a viable market for our brand, we’ll assist in establishing and launching your flagship location with Techy.

Furthermore, we’ll collaborate on strategic expansion plans to fully leverage the franchising potential within your region.

Franchise Revenue Opportunities with Techy.

As a Franchise Partner with Techy, you’ll discover numerous paths to develop and expand your brand in your country, avoiding the high costs and risks associated with starting a new concept from the ground up.

Your venture kicks off as soon as you launch your flagship store, instantly providing you with an income-producing asset. This not only adds to your profit margins but also gives you firsthand experience in the industry.

After the successful opening of your flagship, you will profit from each franchise establishment by collecting franchise fees for every new outlet.

Franchisee Associations and Networking This leads to the collection of ongoing royalty fees from your franchisees, monthly payments for utilizing the Techy brand, image, and the support you offer within your country. This ensures a continuous revenue flow in return for the use of your brand and the support provided.

In addition, the opening of new franchise locations will yield profits from equipment sales to these outlets. These profits allow you to negotiate the best prices for your franchisees. You can also secure vendor rebates that are paid to you based on the aggregate purchases your franchisees make from essential suppliers for supplies, equipment, and systems.

Furthermore, organizing various conferences, training sessions, and events can be financially rewarding. Through vendor sponsorships and charges for franchisee registration and training, these activities can serve as significant sources of profit for your Franchise with Techy.

The Reasons Are Clear

The United Franchise Group Master License Program has clear benefits to offer in your country. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are thinking about launching a business, consider one that already has proven success around the world and offers these clear benefits

Demographic Research

We will set you up with everything you need to make yourself a successful Master License Partner.

Proven System in Place

With Starpoint Brands you are getting the sales techniques, processes, and procedures needed to grow the brand in your country.

Higher Likelihood of Success

Our brands began with a flagship store in the United States and grew internationally only after they were proven to work. Take advantage of our success when building your business rather than starting from scratch and working alone without a support team.

Image & Brand Awareness

The world is getting a whole lot smaller and it’s more likely than ever that your customers already will have been exposed to our brands before you even open. Take advantage of our global presence for yourself.

Comprehensive Training

Our training is the best in the business with two weeks of classroom & practical instruction in the United States, followed by training in your country with one of our global support experts. Your training will pick up again when your flagship grows and you begin selling the brand in your country.

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing educational opportunities and support won’t end there. We also offer our World Expo, Master License Summits, and regional learning opportunities. We send global newsletters and videos to keep you up to date on industry developments and innovation within the brand.

Marketing Expertise

You will have access to all marketing materials and strategies we have developed for sales at a local level. You’ll learn our marketing strategies and, when you implement, should benefit from the items we have created to help generate sales.

Exclusive Country Rights

As a Master License Partner, you will have exclusive rights to develop the brand in your country. You will also be given opportunities to expand into other nearby areas or to add additional brands where you already are.