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The electronic repair industry is flourishing, with revenues soaring to $21.1 billion in 2022. In such a competitive landscape, it’s essential to have an edge. That’s where Techy steps in. With a 15-year legacy and a combined experience of 30 years from industry experts Tim and Bill, Techy offers a proven platform for success. Here’s why you should consider converting your mobile phone store to a Techy franchise:

  1. Proven Success: Techy boasts over 200 franchise locations, a testament to our successful model.
  2. Unparalleled Support: Our corporate team and franchise partners collaborate to ensure your success. We offer comprehensive training, from mastering electronic device repairs to leveraging social media for client acquisition and employing upselling techniques.
  3. Innovative Ventures: In 2023, we’re diving deep into the certified pre-owned devices market, a lucrative opportunity. Plus, our Techy Cafe initiative has been a game-changer, drawing more customers and boosting revenue.
  4. Purchasing Power: Being part of Techy’s vast network means you get access to top-tier products at competitive prices.
  5. Community Spirit: Techy isn’t just a franchise; it’s a community of passionate individuals dedicated to the electronic repair industry.

Mastering Customer Calls at Techy

Customer interactions over the phone can make or break a deal. At Techy, we’ve perfected a four-tier process for phone calls. Let’s delve into tier one:


  • Start Positive: Greet with enthusiasm. A simple “It’s a great day at Techy! What information can I get for you today?” sets the right tone.
  • Drive Them In-Store: The goal is to get the customer to visit. Respond affirmatively to repair queries and immediately ask about their availability to come in.
  • Guide Them Right: Use landmarks rather than complex addresses to guide them to your location. For instance, mention recognizable spots like “right across the street from the fire department.”
  • End with a Personal Touch: Conclude the call by introducing yourself and assuring them of excellent service upon their visit.

Elevate your business with Techy’s proven strategies and community support. Join us today!