BLU Studio 7-0 Lte Repair

Customer Device: BLU Studio 7-0 Lte

The self-proclaimed "Phablet," the Blu Studio 7.0 LTE is designed to be used and held like a smartphone and tablet. This means that unlike a lot of other devices on the market, it is twice as much. Instead of owners utilizing a smartphone during the day and a tablet at night, they can use the Blu Studio 7.0 LTE for both. The bad news is that increased use of this device means a more substantial risk for a broken screen as well as issues like heat and water damage. Frequently used, these devices need to repair fast and affordable – Dr PhoneFix can do that.

The Blu Studio 7.0 LTE is 7-inches of touchscreen capabilities leading to any application available through the Android operating system

This phablet also features a perforated exterior increasing its durability and aesthetic value. Overall, this device is for a particular consumer that is looking for a larger device without very advanced technology when it comes to the camera and screen resolution. This lesser known brand has produced a smartphone that is worth looking at for the customer that wants the best of both worlds – innovative smartphones and interactive tablets.