Samsung Galaxy A5 Repair

Customer Device: Samsung Galaxy A5

There are still places online where the Samsung Galaxy A5 is sold out. That goes to show the popularity of this device, which released for sale in December of 2014. Since then, users have reported a few problems with the device. It's clear that the Galaxy A5 is vulnerable to issues like overheating, cracked screen, poor battery life as well as water damage. Here at Dr PhoneFix, we have seen (and fixed) these problems first hand for our clients. Today's smartphones are too complex for old-fashioned, fix-it-yourself at home methods, which brings more clients to us for advice and help.

The Galaxy A5 is like the Galaxy A3's big brother

It's a larger, more robust device, but it looks very similar and works the same as the Galaxy A3. It has a larger touchscreen for better viewing and interaction; enhanced battery life and a camera with almost double the megapixels for taking better pictures and videos. When choosing between the two, most customers spring for the A5 and all it has to offer. With the high reputation and quality product that Samsung produces, it is no wonder that the Galaxy A5 and A3 have both been successful in terms of sales on the ever-changing American and international smartphone markets.