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4 Types of Speakers You Can Use For Different Parties

This is the season for celebrating. Whatever you do, you need the right music or sound to liven up your holiday party. When you don’t have the proper music or sound, it can dampen you and your guest's mood. There are different types of speakers that you can use if you are having a movie night, a party at your home, or if you are having an event at a venue.

If you are still determining what type of speakers your event needs, then keep reading to find out which speaker is your ideal one.

Tower/ Floor Standing Speakers

Floor speakers are usually large speakers. As the name suggests, you can find them on the ground at your home or at an event. These types of speakers are great for a house party. Floor speakers are usually loud but don’t have the best sound quality. On the upside, these speakers produce much more bass than others.

Soundbar Speakers

Soundbar Speakers are the easiest way to upgrade your TV audio without getting an entire surround sound setup. All you have to do is connect it to an HDMI or audio cable on your TV. Installing a soundbar speaker is simple. Enjoy all your favorite holiday movies with your friends and family with quality TV sound.

Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are the best if you want to listen to tunes on the go. They make great beach day speakers because they are not heavy, and some are waterproof. If you have floaties with cup holders, you can put them there and enjoy music while you relax in the pool. Some portable speakers are light enough to carry in your pockets. Consider portable speakers as the boom box of this era. Let the bass come out of your portable speakers while riding your bike.

Whether connecting your speakers to your phone or tablet, you can get quality speakers at Techy. We carry a wide range of speakers for your needs.

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