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5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Gaming Console

Continue your gaming with a well-working gaming console. The more you take care of your technology, the more you can expand its lifespan. Stay connected with your gaming friends and save money on your gaming console when you take the proper measure to maintain your gaming device. When you don’t take care of your gaming console, you will constantly spend more on a new gaming system.

If you have a PS5 or Xbox, use these cleaning tips to help you keep your gaming system clean and working correctly.

Use A Lint-Free Cloth

Clean the surface of your gaming console with a lint-free cloth. You need to keep your gaming console clean, so dirt and built-up don’t get trapped inside your system. After cleaning the surface, avoid putting objects on your gaming console. Any spillage or residue that makes its way inside your gaming console can cause damage to your gaming console.

Q-Tips Are A Must

Your gaming console can have those hard-to-clean places that your lint-free cloth can’t reach. Q-tips are the best solution to clean those hard-to-reach places on your gaming console. Once you properly clean those small entrances into your internal gaming system, you can reduce overheating and prevent the fan inside your gaming system from overworking due to built-up.

All you have to do is damp a Q-tip with a cleaning solution and then apply it to those hard-to-clean areas.

Get A Screwdriver

Keep a screwdriver around so you can easily open up the internal part of your gaming system. It is vital to keep the inner part of your system clean. If the outer part of your gaming system is dusty, it is most likely that your internal gaming system is dirty too.

A screwdriver will allow you to clean the internal parts of your gaming system. You have to be sure to find the right screwdriver for gaming consoles is small and comes in a tool kit.

Apply Light Pressure

Pressure Air can help you precisely clean the internal parts of your gaming system. It’s essential to ensure that the pressure is not too hot so it won’t fry your gaming system. The inner part of your gaming system has alot of wires that can be sensitive to heat.

It is best to use cool air to clean the inner parts of your gaming system so that you can avoid any damage. Also, be sure to use light pressure on your system so that it does ruin any wires.

Non-Alcohol Cleaning Solution

Use a non-alcoholic cleaning solution, so you don’t compromise the functionality of your system. It’s okay to use water to clean your gaming system. You can also you other cleaning solutions that do not consist of alcohol.


Cleaning your electronics ensures that you get the most out of them. Be sure that you are careful when you are cleaning your gaming system. It is best to turn off your system when you are cleaning it.

If you need assistance with your gaming console and system, visit a Techy near you. Our teams of technicians are there to help you.

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