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6 Smart Ways To Make Your One-Year-Old Android Phone As Fast As A New One

Smartphones have become a necessity. A day without a phone is impossible for most people. Your smartphone is multifunctional. It helps in shopping, browsing, searching locations, taking pictures, scanning documents, downloading, and more.

Therefore, you cannot afford to have a slow-functioning smartphone in your hand. Phones, like any other devices, slow down after a specific time. If you do not want your phone to lose its performance, follow the tricks to restore its pace.

1. Uninstall The Application You Do Not Need

You download several apps on your android device. Over time, you remove some apps because they have no use for you anymore. Suppose you installed a game application after buying a phone and lost interest in it within a month.

The app is still installed on your phone, although you are not using it. All unused applications account for substantial storage space on your phone, slowing down your device.

The best solution to this problem is to clean the applications from time to time. Experts suggest sorting and removing unused applications after every three months. With more space, the phone begins to work faster.

2. Restart Your Phone To Bring Back Its Pace

Restarting the phone is a standard solution for Android users. It is a game changer for enhancing your phone’s operating speed. If an application is not responding or the screen freezes, a simple restart solves the problems.

Regularly restarting your phone can prevent your phone from glitching and freezing. Also, updating your phone can help if you are experiencing glitches and freezes on your phone as well. However, a restart cannot solve a problem if there are severe issues with your Android device.


3. Keep The Caches And Application Data Clear

The tricky part about caches is that they unknowingly download files to your device. When you download an application on your device, caches of the application find their way into the storage space. These caches help in faster download and installation of the new application.

Caches are critical and unavoidable for android users. However, when these caches pile up for a very long time, your phone might get slower. Since you are unaware of their presence, you don’t know that they can be harming your phone’s performance.

If you do not find any likely explanation for your phone’s slow performance, try clearing the caches and application data files. Remove the unused applications and the caches from your storage, and your phone will be back in its best form.

4. Free The Internal Memory Space

Android phones offer you the liberty to store various files like videos, audio, word documents, PowerPoint presentations, excel sheets, and more. The amount of storage occupied by these files does not attract your attention until the phone starts to slow down.

Once you feel your phone is working slower than before, look at the storage space. Tech-savvy people recommend storing all of your data in the external memory space. The best solution to this problem has become storing your files and data in cloud spaces.

5. Use The Lite Versions of the Applications

Most of the applications now have a Lite version. For example, installing FaceBook Lite can save you substantial storage space. The lite versions of the applications occupy lesser space than their regular versions.   

Android users can install the lite version of the applications to keep the storage space free. They work fast, and you do not miss out on using the features you love. App Developers continuously upgrade the lite versions to keep them up to par with the regular version.

6. Factory Reset

Factory resetting makes your android phone as good as a new one. However, before you reset your phone, make sure to backup all critical files and data. Once you reset your android phone, it will undoubtedly work faster but will erase all your existing data.

Therefore, if you have any important files stored on the device, backup your data to avoid losing it on the web’s universe. Factory resetting is the most effective way to bring back your phone’s speed. However, it is also an extreme measure that requires you to take precautiously steps first.


Your smartphone speed helps you scroll through your phone without any issues. It could be time to take action if you notice your smartphone is not keeping up with a certain speed. If you have any problems with restarting your phone or need to complete a factory reset, then visit a Techy store near you.

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