Every day we connect to the digital world for work, school, hobbies, and leisure. With the use of more electronics, people are looking for ways to become more eco-friendly with their devices. Becoming more green with your electronics can help it last longer and eliminate wasting devices that transform into a good condition. By putting more thought into using our electronics, we can create productive habits to improve our environment and lives.

Use Wireless Chargers

Phone sockets get depleted with constantly plugging it in and out of wire chargers. One of the ways we cause damage to our smartphones is by leaving them on the charger overnight. Overheated phones from charging them for too long can burn out the socket, which breaks charging ports. Wireless chargers support the longevity of your mobile phones. It's okay if you leave your phone on a wireless charger. The wireless charger shuts off after your phone charges completely.

You carry fewer cords with a wireless charger, so you don't have to worry about finding a longer cable to charge your phone. Another benefit is that you can use the same charging pad for devices that have wireless capabilities.

Turn Down the Brightness on Your Devices

The brightness on your devices consumes so much energy. Try lowering your device's brightness if you have trouble keeping it charged all day. It can save about 20% of your device's energy consumption. 

Adjust your mobile device to a brightness level that allows you to see your screen. Turning it to level 0 brightness can make it difficult to see your phone screen if you are in a sunny area. Indoor environments allow you to get away with lower illumination. 

Night shift is another feature on your device that prolongs the battery life. You can find this feature in the settings of your laptops and smartphones. This feature dims the brightness on your phone so that your phone can stay charged throughout the day. Avid night owls looking to get better sleep quality can use this feature when using their electronics before bedtime. This feature warms the hues of your phone screen after sunset so that you are not straining your eyes.


Clean your Devices

Dust on your desktop, laptop, and smartphone makes your electronics inoperable. On the surface, it looks like dust only sits on top of our device. Dismantle your devices, and you will see the dust on minor pieces. Build up dust on electronics clogs and overheats it.

To safely clean the inside of your computer, you need to turn it off and unplug it to prevent electrical surges. Use a can of compressed air and a cleaning cloth to wipe away dust. Avoid using a vacuum so that you do not fry the inside of your computer. 

A clean computer lasts longer. You can also clean the inside of your smartphone to ensure that dust is not affecting its functionality. Wipe the internal and external surfaces with a damped microfiber cloth. 

Use Your Cloud Storage

Cloud storage helps you to stay eco-friendly by not having clutter on your computer. PDF files, word documents, and photos can take up a lot of space on your laptop or desktop. Overloaded computer memory makes your computer slow and at risk for freezes or crashes. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox are a few cloud storage services that you can use to store your data. 

Don't Throw Away Old Phones, Parts, or Accessories.

You probably have a hidden junk drawer in your house that has old phones or other electronic devices that you no longer use. Visit a Techy store near you if you have a device that you want to sell. We buy old speakers, iPhones, iPads, or any other unwanted device that you have lying around.

Throwing away electronic batteries is dangerous because the lithium materials can catch on fire and explode when crushed in the trash. Old cell phone batteries can be repurposed and revived for other uses. Accessories like cell phones and laptop cases are recyclable too. 

Repair Your Devices 

Fixing your broken laptops and smartphones expands its usage and saves you money. Restored devices mean that we use fewer resources and energy to make new electronics. Those who are still enjoying their phones' features should consider repairing them before looking for another phone. A Techy store nearby can fix all your broken electronics. Whenever you are ready to upgrade your phone, Techy will be here to buy your phone. 

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