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How to Make Extra Cash Selling Your Old Devices to Techy

You may have heard about Techy and the services we have to offer. While our most popular services include quick and affordable electronic device repairs and smart home device installations, Techy can also help you sell your old electronic devices for cash. You can turn your unwanted tech into money in your pocket in just a few quick steps at home or at one of our locations.

Devices You Can Sell

Techy is currently purchasing a wide array of electronic devices. At our locations and via the Techy website, we give sellers cash for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Galaxy smartphones, Pixel smartphones, Mac computers, Playstations, and Xbox game consoles. Techy also purchases smart home devices, headphones, headsets, earphones, speakers, and cameras.

How Much You Can Make

The payment for your device depends on its make, model, capacity, connectivity, and condition. It is a combination of these elements that determine what Techy can payout. While newer devices in the best condition pay the most, you can still make money from older devices, even if they have some damage.

Sell In-Person or Online

Sellers can either visit a Techy location or use the Techy website. We inspect devices, and then each seller will answer questions about connectivity and capacity. Online, the seller will answer questions about the make, model, connectivity, ability, and condition.

Whether in person or on our website, the seller will get a price for a device. The seller can then accept or decline the offer. When an offer is accepted in-person at a Techy location, they will receive a payment in-person. If sellers choose to use the online option, they are provided with a shipping label and payment when the device reaches Techy.

Bulk Selling

On the Techy website, sellers can use the Bulk Calculator to get a quote for more than one device at a time. This function allows the seller to input all their devices and gets one potential payout amount. If you are looking to sell three, four, or more electronic devices at once, this is the way to do it.

Don’t Worry About Data.

One of the sellers' primary concerns is what happens to the data on their devices when they sell them to Techy. As experienced industry professionals, we understand this concern. However, all devices purchased and processed by Techy go through a secure and extensive complete deletion regimen.

Extra Cash

We know that sometimes a little extra cash can go a long way. We would love to help you turn a device into money. Look around your house and see if you have any electronic devices collecting dust. Think about what you would do with a few hundred dollars in exchange for an old smartphone, tablet, or gaming console.

Contact Techy Today

If you’re curious how much money you could receive for an old or unwanted device, or a bunch of different devices, reach out to Techy today. You can make an in-store appointment or start your selling journey online. We strive to make this process as straightforward as possible, providing our sellers with competitive payouts for a wide array of devices.

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