Can you believe that we will have to tell a whole new generation that we used to pull out a regular wallet to purchase items one day? With the digital world changing our daily habits, there is no telling what will be next in-store in the tech industry.

Google® Pay and Apple® Pay have been the most popular digital wallets for transactions at retail stores. Venmo®, Cash App®, Zelle®, and PayPal® are known for sending money to our friends and family. Most online shoppers use Paypal® because of the convenience that it gives shoppers. Paypal makes online shopping convenient by clicking a button to complete your purchase.

Although digital wallets allow us to track our purchases, some people are still skeptical. When credit cards emerged into the marketplace, many consumers were reluctant to use them. Most people felt more secure seeing their money at the register and knowing right away how much they spent. Today, some people don’t feel safe putting their money into a digital wallet. Knowing how to use a digital wallet can help you feel confident about using it.

Google Pay & Apple Pay

You can use Google® Pay on devices like Android®, Apple®, and smartwatches that run on iOS. Apple® Pay is only limited to those with an Apple device like an iPhone®.

To use Google® Pay on your Android device, unlock your device, and hold it near the reader for a few seconds until a blue checkmark confirms that your transaction went through. You can use both Google® Pay and Apple® Pay by linking your card information when setting it up.

Google® Pay and Apple® Pay allow you to send money to friends and family members with a QR code, name, phone number, or email address.

On the Google® Pay app, you can see your balance and transfer money from your debit or credit card to your Google® Pay account. It is just like a bank account where you have an account number. The difference between a bank account and a digital wallet is that a digital wallet doesn’t have a card number. It has a token that acts as a virtual account number that lets merchants access it when they purchase.

In some U.S. cities, you can link your Google® or Apple® wallet to your transportation fare to purchase a bus ticket. Look at your city transportation website to get more information. Gift cards to your favorite stores are another option that Apple® and Google® Pay give you.

Benefits of Digital Wallets

Easy-going shopping experience

Digital wallets make shopping online and in-stores easier. You can pay bills, make deposits into your account, and transfer money. The great thing about digital wallets is that you don’t have to remember multiple passwords.

Access your financial info in one place

When using digital wallets, you no longer worry about carrying around cash, debit, or credit card. If you ever forgot your card at home, use your phone to access your digital wallet. Some digital wallets give you access to withdraw money from ATMs.

Track your expenses

Using cash doesn’t give you the ability to track your spending. It is challenging to report stolen money from your regular wallet. With digital wallets, you can track everything you spend, making it easier to monitor your spending habits.

Try using a digital wallet to see all the benefits you can experience when making your next transaction.

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