Attention all Samsung users! Samsung may announce that they’ve developed a new invisible full-sized keyboard allowing users to type on any surface! 

This invisible keyboard, named “SelfieType,” uses the Samsung Galaxy’s selfie camera, plus artificial intelligence (AI), allowing you to type on any surface. All you have to do is put your phone or tablet in an upright, vertical position, set it to “L mode,” and start typing.

How SelfieType Works

“It analyzes your finger movements coming from its front camera, and converts them into QWERTY keyboard inputs,” says Samsung. “SelfieType requires no additional hardware and it’s highly adaptable to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.”

According to a user’s comment on Samsung’s community site, Samsung will introduce the SelfieType at CES 2020 this week. 

The SelfieType was ideally created for the experienced typist since it doesn’t provide any visual feedback. It offers typing as a mechanical memory action for those who type on physical keyboards. People who don’t need to look at the keyboard to accurately type out words will likely take to this new technology nicely. 

However, those who struggle to accurately type words into their smartphones, tablets, or computers will not find the SelfieType to be useful. It won’t necessarily slow down its users, but it may cause the typist to become unable to hit precise targets. 

Using the SelfieType is a complete memory and instinct-based process, which isn’t for everyone. We’ve all seen the advertisements for laser keyboards that blend in with other innovative new technologies, promising a better, lighter approach to using a keyboard. Some may argue that an invisible keyboard is a lot less practical than a traditional keyboard, however, others find that this new feature could offer a whole lot more convenience (especially for typists on-the-go). 

The actual quality of the functionality of the SelfieType is unclear since we’re unable to test it as of yet. Many skeptics are concerned that the words may not appear on the screen as quickly as they’re being typed. Others are fearful of constant typos and a lack of autocorrect. 

Nevertheless, seeing is believing. Once the SelfieType is available for testing, all of these questions will be answered (and more). 

Samsung’s CES 2020

CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who take an interest in the latest consumer technologies for both personal and business use. For over 50 years, CES has served as the global stage for tech innovators and next-generation groundbreaking technologies introduced to the marketplace.

Samsung’s CES 2020 press conference began on January 6th, 2020 marking the official debut of SelfieType, as well as a variety of new smart home products. 

At the moment, the SelfieType is only a concept. It’s not yet available for testing or purchase. We shall learn more about the SelfieType features within the next few days, so stay tuned!