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Smart Cars Features That Are Coming Out Soon

Smart cars are fuel-efficient and can help with energy pollution. Compared to a standard size car, a smart car is less noisy. Its compact size makes it easy to park almost anywhere.

There are different types of smart cars that have a low environmental impact. You can choose a hybrid or electric vehicle when you want a fuel-efficient car.

There are other features that a smart car has to offer. With the field of technology emerging, automotive gadgets are upgrading rapidly to meet consumers' comfort when they are on the road. If you are looking for a vehicle that can help you save on gas while still giving you the technology you like, then take a look at the features you will want to have in your car.

Communicating System For Cars

As more cars have access to an internet connection, they will be able to communicate with other vehicles. Would this make cars similar to computer-to computers communication? When computers started to communicate with each other, it impacted technology. The e-commerce industry grew. It will be interesting to see how car-to-car communication will influence the use of technology.

Car-to-car communication can help prevent accidents by allowing vehicles to warn each other before damages occur. Currently, major manufacturers are working together to create new autonomous cars.

3D Gestures Systems

3D gesture technology will give smart cars a sleek look. Drivers can control their car parts with a hand wave. They will be able to close and open windows with simple hand movement. Other tasks that can be completed with hand gestures are making phone calls, changing temperature, etc.

Car Integration With Smartwatch

It has been possible to integrate your smartphone with your car for many years now. However, with the innovation of technology, drivers will be able to sync their smartwatches to their vehicles.

An Android Wear app synced to a Hyundai allows drivers to use it as a remote engine start/stop, door locker/unlocker, horn, and turn on/off headlights. If you lose your car, you can use the app to find it or call for assistance.

Automated Parking

There are already smart cars that can identify parking spaces and take action to park themselves. With a new modern automated parking system, a garage or a parking lot will talk to the car through the internet to let it know where space is available. This process will save the car time driving around to find an open parking space.

Before the car parks, it can drop off passengers at an entrance. When it is time to get the car back, the owner can call it on their smartphone.

This automated parking system will be beneficial for public and at-home parking.

Smart Cars are coming up with so many new features to make them safe and convenient for drivers. With more smart device integrations, you will need quick and affordable repairs for your smartphone, smartwatch, etc.

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