Hey Google, play [insert your favorite song here.]

Playing a song that you can't get out of your head is one of the most popular commands for the Amazon Echo and voice-controlled assistant.

Google sales for the Amazon Echo and Google's Nest Mini have grown worldwide, selling over 180 million units this year. More people are integrating google voice with their devices to stay organized and access everyday products quicker. Even with the expansion of voice recognition, some people still find it challenging to adapt voice recognition into their daily digital use. Some people find it strange to talk to a device and don't want to humanize their electronics experience. Yet, voice recognition helps us streamline the tasks we already do every day.


Voice Shopping

Eliminate weekly trips to the grocery store with voice recognition shopping. All you have to do is tell Alexa or Google your list, and within days you will have your items at your front door. Online shopping with Alexa is like having a personal shopper. When you want to make a purchase, let Alexa know.

Voice Assistance

You can finally say my assistant can handle that. Artificial Intelligence has made voice assistance possible for you not to complete all of your manual tasks. If you want to shut off your lights, summon Alexa to turn off your bedroom lamp. You can ask your voice assistant to answer a question or remind you that you have a meeting scheduled in the afternoon.

Video Games Speech Recognition

Video games speech recognition make it entertaining for gamers to play and communicate with team players. Plants vs. Zombie: Garden Warfare is a game that players can play on a Play Station 4 or an X-Box 360. It has voice control features that allow players to work together to defend themselves against Zombies.

In-Car Speech Recognition

The purpose of in-car speech recognition is for you to stay focused on the road. In-car speech recognition can guide your navigation and change any song on your playlist.

Have you ever tried to find a gas station near you while driving and typing on your smartphone? Save the trouble of multi-tasking by just simply speaking into your device. You can focus on the road and get to a gas station without being in a frenzy.

Whether you are a gamer, someone trying to manage their work-life, or looking to have a more smooth commute, voice recognition is one of the ways that you can use tech to make your life easier. You don't have to have an Amazon Echo or any similar device to use voice recognition.

Smartphones, smart TVs, and security devices with voice control features are some devices that you can use to take advantage of voice recognition.

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