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Techy Newest Franchise 14-Year-Old Open His Location In Waterville, ME From Viral YouTube Video

Congratulations to our franchise owner Parker Redlevske. At 14 years old, Parker received the keys to his new Techy retail store this month and will be a part of the daily operations of running his store.

Parker developed a passion for fixing phones and was interested in starting his own business. Attending a 10x Conference with his father enabled Parker to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

The more questions Parker asked at the event, the closer he came to turning his desires into reality. A pivotal moment was when Parker got on stage with Grant Cardone to seek advice on where to start becoming an entrepreneur at a young age. Grant gave Parker an earnings goal. This goal propels Parker to take action.

Parker left the stage on his way to reaching the goal. He earned $1800 from the 10x audience. Momentum didn’t stop there. A viral clip of Parker led him to get the attention of our Co-Founder of Techy, Timothy Phelps. 

As a franchise company, we are always looking for more franchisees that want to open their location. With more consumers buying more technology, the demand for our tech repair services is rising. Since Parker was looking for an opportunity to enter this industry, we knew we had to contact him. 

To start opening a franchise location, Parker raised capital through sales calls and marketing videos. After he could fund his franchise, Parker and his parents flew down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to meet the team and start training at our Techy headquarters. He sharpened his skills on phone repairs, learned about our POS system, and more.

We are proud to have Parker and his family a part of our Techy family. Techy Waterville is now at 110 Elm Plaza. Parker and his team will provide computer repair services, phone repair services, device accessories, etc.

If you have any inquiries about opening a Techy Franchise, visit

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