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Tips for Keeping Your Devices Clean

When was the last time that you cleaned your smartphone or computer surface? Dust build-up in your device can cause it to malfunction, causing your phone not to charge correctly or your headphones not to work well when you plug them into your device. Techy has tips to keep your device looking clean and good again. If you haven't cleaned your device in a while, below are some tips that you can take away to make it a habit to keep your devices clean. Remember that it is best to sanitize your devices at least once a day.

Turn Off Your Device

Before you start to clean your device, turn it off first. When cleaning a computer and monitor, put it into sleep mode.

Materials To Use When Cleaning

Using water on a paper towel or cloth towel is the safest way to clean your device since it doesn't contain harsh chemicals that can damage your device. If you are using alcohol to clean your smartphone, it is best to use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes on the service. Cleaning products that contain 100% alcohol can detach your smartphone's protective coatings.

Other Alternatives To Cleaning Devices

Another alternative to cleaning your devices is using microfiber towels. These towels do not leave any lint on the surface of your devices. You can spray the cloth with water or use low isopropyl alcohol to clean your device screen and cover.

How to properly clean the inside of your devices

The inside of your smartphone, laptop, and computer is sensitive. It is where you can find critical components that make your computer run properly and where the most dust built up is due to its limited exposure. Don't use alcohol when cleaning inside of your computer because internal devices are vulnerable to abrasive chemicals. Motherboards hold the hard drive, CPU, and memory connectors, and damage to it can cause blue screens and freezes.

Cleaning with compressed air is a great way to keep your computer safe. Stay away from applying too much air pressure when using an air can. Keep compact air cans a few inches away from the motherboard, memory, processor, and expansion cards.

A Reminder Of What Not To Do

When it comes to liquid and your devices, there are things that you don't want to do. Don't submerge your phone in any liquid. Avoid using liquid bleach. Keep liquid away from your device port. Any liquid inside your smartphone, laptop, or desktop ports can prevent your phone from charging and damage the device circuit.

Keep It Clean & Running

You take our devices almost everywhere you go. By cleaning your device, you can help maintain its longevity and keep it germs-free.

Head over to a Techy near you if you need any assistance with any of your devices.

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