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Cell Phone Repair Canton, MI

Phone Repair Services Near Canton, MI

Are you always asking yourself, “Where can I find cell phone repair near me?” We have the solution for you. Stop driving to another city to have your smart devices repaired. You now have a place nearby at 42114 Ford Road, Canton, MI, that you can visit. Experimax technicians can do broken charging ports, phone screen repair in Canton, MI, and more. Think of Experimax when you wonder, “What places can fix phones near me”. Experimax is the best cell phone store that can complete fast and quality cell phone repair services in Canton, MI. If you have been searching for a device repair service by searching for a phone near me, phone screen repair near me, or iPhone repair service canton mi, it is time to end your search.

Cell Phone Screen Repair Services in Canton, MI

Are you looking for a phone screen repair shop in Canton, MI, that fixes various phone brands? Experimax is the place to go. Our team of technicians can fix iPhone 11s, Google Pixel 6, older phone models, and so much more. We have specialized in cell phone repairs for over 15 years. Our technicians are the best in Canton, MI. You can trust Experimax when you need fast and reliable cell phone or iphone screen repairs in Canton, MI.

We are located right in your neighborhood to make cell phone repairs convenient for you. Don’t delay your phone repairs. Stop by before you start your day or on your way back home, and one of our technicians will help you get your phone working like brand new again.

Fix Cell Phone in Canton, MI

As soon as you walk into the Experimax store, you will be welcomed by our friendly team. Our technicians have repaired thousands of broken phones in Canton, MI. Experimax can be where you find your personal repair technician whenever you need assistance with your smartphone devices. We take pride in building relationships with our customers in the community. We repair all types of smartphones from Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Apple, and more.

Stop by even if you don’t have an appointment. Rain or shine, we are here to help you get your phone repaired the same day. We make our services flexible so you can return to your day. Stop by today for a free diagnostic. We offer the best cell phone repair service at 42114 Ford Road, Canton, MI — no more driving across town for phone repair services.





262+ REVIEWS - 4.8
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    AWESOME business to get a great deal on ALL your Apple used products! The staff and owner are great and and so friendly & helpful! We were looking for iPad Pro 12.9” M1 for my son and decided to get for for us! We love it and the price was was Phenomenal. We saved $$$ shopping here! Thank You So Much!! - Jason & Melodee Moon Ypsilanti, Mi

    Jason Moon Photography
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    UPDATE ***11/29/22 After my last post, the owner from Experimax, Mr. John called me and offered to fix my screen for free. I was pleasantly surprised and took him up on the offer. True to his word, he fixed my screen and i have not had any problems with the screen since. For the prompt response and actually following through with his promise, i have updated my rating to a five star. Thank you Mr. John. My experience at this shop is one of mixed feelings. The staff is very friendly, cordial, no complaints. However the quality of their repairs is not so hot. My screen cracked on my tablet so i take it in. They “repaired” it. Three or four months later without it being dropped, fully protected with tempered glass and case it cracks again. So i take it to get it repaired again paying again. The second time the home button was not placed properly so i had to take it back again(didn’t pay because it was still under the 90 days). Now about 6 months later the main screen is cracked yet again but the glass screen protector is not. Besides my child just pointed it out that when they placed the new screen, they partial covered the front camera so that half of it always looks like it has a finger covering part of the lens. I am now going to have to take it in for repairs yet again. I am now paying more then I originally paid for the tablet. As much as I wanted to like this company, i will not be a returning customer.

    Estera Lucaci
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    if you ever need your phone fixed in the canton area this is the place to go! the 2 staff members were both extremely helpful with their service, along with giving me after care instructions to help prevent the situation again. they also have many cool tech products in store for purchase I would recommend them to anyone!

    Keise Withak
  • avatar-icon-png

    I got two macbooks fixed from this place. They both are working great. Its been more than 6 months. They offer warranty on their work. Its affordable, reliable and no long waiting times.

    arati joshi
  • avatar-icon-png

    So my screen was not fully set right and is coming apart all you guys did was fix a screen and charging port don't work screen not placed right somehow siri not working front camera can you guys at least fix my screen what I paid for you to do All fixed thank you so much I forgot how to spell your name sir but just know you’re much appreciated for fixing my phone screen. And now my screen is coming apart again? Wow you guys have completely ruined my phone and now I’m sure nothing will or can be do so I’m sure I can take this matter into legal action Well thanks Jon he was amazing truly was given a new phone older model but new im happy with very much

    Jose Vela



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