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iPhone Repair Techy Doral FL
iPhone Repair

Your iPhone repair needs quality parts and a professional technician. Techy has quality prices available with the best customer service.

Tablet Repair Techy Doral FL
Tablet Repair

No matter what tablet brand you have, our Techy technicians are skilled at repairing your tablet. Your device is in good hands.

Buy Sell Devices Techy Doral FL
Buy Devices

Techy has a variety of devices that you can purchase at a quality price. If you are looking for a new device, look no further, we can help you find the best tech with the features you want.

Cell Phone Repair Techy Doral FL
Cell Phone Repair

If your smartphone has water damage or a cracked screen, we can fix it. We will have your phone in good condition immediately.

Sell Your Devices Techy Doral FL
Sell Your Device

Receive payment for those used devices that you have at home. Techy takes devices like old laptops, phones, drones, and more.

Game Console Repair Techy Doral FL
Game Console Repair

Get back to fighting the enemy or shooting hoops on the latest NBA 2K with a repaired game console. Techy offers the best repair on game consoles.

Computer Repair Techy Doral FL
Computer Repair

Get back to work or leisure time with a restored computer. Our technicians are experts when it comes to laptops and desktop computers.

Cell Phone Accessories Repair Techy Doral FL

Your smartphone and a pair of headphones are the ultimate duos. Find accessories that will enhance your usage on your devices at Techy. The options are limitless with us. You can find wireless chargers, phone cases, portable speakers, and more.

iPad Repair Techy Doral FL
iPad Repair

Your iPad® has individual parts affiliated with Apple®, so it needs special care when it comes to repairing it. Trust Techy for quality iPad repair that will keep your device in good condition.

Tv Installations Service Techy Doral FL
Smart Installs

Call Techy for all your smart home installations. We can mount and dismount your TV. If you need help setting up your home theater, we are here to help.


Cell Phone Repair Doral, Florida

Quick and affordable cell phone repair is available to you right here in Doral, Florida! Techy’s team of experts offers effective services that can diagnose and fix your cell phone without wasting your time or money. Our team handles everything from shattered screens to software bugs.

The team at Techy has been trained to assist customers with any make or model of cell phone. They are proud to offer services, including diagnostic testing, troubleshooting, repairs, and replacements. No matter what your cell phone needs to work better, Techy can provide it!

In addition to executing effective services for your smartphone, these services are backed by a lifetime warranty. Techy’s lifetime warranty covers the parts and labor used to complete your repair or replacement for the lifetime of the device.

You don’t have to wait another day to have your cell phone repaired. Visiting the Techy in Doral is the first step towards a mobile device that looks and works like it’s brand new!

You can call (305)666-2660 to make an appointment or send us an email. Techy also accepts walk-in customers. Stop by for assistance or advice at 1850 NW 117th Place, Suite 302, Miami Fl, 33182 . We can’t wait to meet you!

iPhone Repair Doral, Florida

Apple is one of the most popular mobile device brands in the world. When it comes to smartphones, Techy has serviced thousands of iPhones. While these devices are intuitive and impressive, they are also complex and delicate. Techy helps iPhone owners maintain and repair their devices whenever necessary.

For Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and Macs, Techy offers a wide array of services. Our team can help find a problem, optimize your computer, troubleshoot significant issues as well as complete repairs and replacements.

The most common services Techy performs for iPhones are screen repair and replacement. The delicate screen of an iPhone can easily get damaged by one quick drop to the ground. And a small crack can quickly grow into a completely shattered screen.

Customers can bring their iPhone to Techy for quick and affordable repair or replacement. When small iPhone problems are fixed right away by Techy, they don’t have the opportunity to turn into broader, more extensive, and expensive issues.

In Doral, Florida, Techy is located at 1850 NW 117th Place, Suite 302, Miami Fl, 33182. We take appointments by phone, email, or as walk-ins!

Computer Repair Doral, Florida

The days of at-home computer repair are over. Today’s devices are complicated and delicate, requiring specialized knowledge and tools to fix problems correctly. If you are experiencing a problem with your computer, let Techy handle your repair service.

Our team has years of experience fixing computers, laptops, and tablets with high-quality tools and parts. It doesn’t matter what make or model of device you have, Techy can be of assistance. A diagnostic service will help our team determine the cause of the problem, and a repair or replacement will have your device looking and working like it’s new again.

Techy is also proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the parts and labor used to complete the repair or replacement. We stand behind the quality of our tech experts, and our warranty supports that. Every Techy customer receives this extra layer of protection for their computer, laptop, or tablet.

Don’t wait another day to have your computer repaired professionally. Techy accepts walk-in customers as well as scheduled appointments by email or phone at (305)666-2660. Visit us at Techy, located at 1850 NW 117th Place, Suite 302, Miami Fl, 33182. We can’t wait to meet you!