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Cell Phone Repair East Fort Myers, FL

Phone Repair Services Near East Fort Myers, FL

Techy Cell Phone Repair East Fort Myers is your new repair shop for your broken phone. Our repair services include fixing broken phone screens, water damage, and damaged ports-no need to get frustrated with doing DIY repairs at home. Bring your phone to Techy Fort Myers East so that one of our technicians can assist you. We repair all devices from LG, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel.

Techy Fort Myers East technicians also repair all smartphone models, new and old. When you need a replacement for your phone, you can trust that our team will use authentic parts that will continue the longevity of your device.

If you have been looking for repairs, you can walk into our repair store today without an appointment. We are looking forward to helping you.

iPhone Repair Services in East Fort Myers, FL

You need a knowledgeable repair technician to help you with your iPhone repair. When you do repairs that don’t maintain the quality of your iPhone, your repairs can further the damages. If you are looking for top-tier repairs, visit Techy Fort Myers East. Our Fort Myers East technicians can ensure that we complete repairs that keep your phone functioning as well as new.

First, we will run your iPhone through a diagnostic test to see all your phone's issues. At times, we have seen customers come in with one problem, but after a diagnostic test, our team has noticed multiple issues with an iPhone. When this is the case, various repairs are required to ensure your iPhone is functioning correctly.

Visit Techy Fort Myers East to have your iPhone fixed the first time correctly. Our technicians will be excited to help you.

Computer Repair Services in East Fort Myers, FL

Smartphones are not the only devices we repair at Techy Fort Myers East. Our technicians can also repair all types of computer brands. Some of our computer repair services include malware removal, data recovery, and more. If you need a technician to stop by your home or office for repairs, schedule an appointment so we can catch you at the right time. The best part about our services is that we make it convenient to get your repairs done.

We know that damage to your computer can cause more stress throughout your day. At Techy Fort Myers East, our services are fast and efficient so that you can get back to your device.

Screen Repair Services in East Fort Myers, FL

Screen repair services are the best at Fort Myers East. We will get you your phone looking good again. Techy Fort Myers East technicians are here to help repair the screen repairs on your smart TVs, smartphones, laptop, and more. At our store, we have suitable tools for touchscreen and non-touchscreen. Don’t keep delaying your screen repair. Over time, your glass screen will crumble, furthering the damage.

Visit us today for authentic repairs that will maintain the longevity of your iPhone. You deserve quality repairs that help you keep your favorite devices a little longer.

About East Fort Myers, FL

East Fort Myers is in Lee County in, Florida. This city is between Naples and Sarasota. It is an excellent place for retirees. There are many neighborhoods with historical ties to the town. You can learn more about the city at local museums. East Fort Myers is midway between downtown. Therefore, you can find plenty to do in the area.

Why Choose US

Same Day Repair

We know what your device means to you so that's why we work hard to get your phone tablet or computer back to your ASAP! Some repairs can be turned over to you in as little as 15 mintues.

Life Time Warranty

Every Repair done by Techy comes within lifetime warranty on all parts and labor associated with the preceding repair.

All In One Shop

Get everything you need to protect your device when you bundle repair services with a tempered glass & a case.

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