Google Nexus 9 Repair

Customer Device: Google Nexus 9

HTC wasn’t going to let Apple and Samsung have all the fun producing and selling tablets. The company developed and released the Nexus 9, a tablet build for both professional and personal usage. With a 9-inch screen, Android operating system and millions of available app downloads, the Nexus 9 has become a very popular electronic device. However, using this tablet all day at work and all night at home greatly increases the risk of damage, like a broken glass screen. Even the smallest crack can develop into a completely shattered Nexus 9 screen. That’s where Dr.PhoneFix comes in.

Let Techy Assist you with your HTC Nexus 9 Screen Replacement.

Repairing your HTC Nexus 9

Our teams nationwide have diagnosed thousands of HTC Nexus 9 tablets. We offer screen replacement and repair when it comes to a damaged screen. With the proper tools and training, we can have your Nexus 9 screen either replaced or repaired in no time. But that’s not the only service we offer HTC Nexus 9 owners. Our teams can help repair problems as minor as a charging port that wont work, as major as a tablet that wont even turn on, and everything in between. Stop in to see us today, pick our brains about your tablet and even get your device repaired quickly and affordably if you are currently dealing with a damaged HTC Nexus 9.