Customer Device : GOOGLE HOME MAX

Google Home Max

The Google Home Max premium smart speaker is virtually the supersized version of the Google Home Mini. However, the Google Home Max has more impressive sound quality with dual 4.5” woofers for deep, balanced bass.
Perfect for music lovers, the Google Home Max can play all of your favourite songs with crystal-clear highs and dynamic lows. This smart speaker provides the ultimate music listening experience, and it automatically adjusts the equalizer settings to match the acoustics of the room. It gives the most balanced and clear sound ever, wherever you place it.
With the power of your voice, ask any question and get answers immediately. With the built-in Google Assistant, you ask, “Okay Google, what is the weekly weather forecast in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?” Then, within seconds, the Google Home Max speaker provides the answer.
Also, use your voice to stream ad-free music right at home with YouTube Music Premium (free for 14 days with a Google Home Max purchase). You can extend your free trial for an additional three months to enjoy thousands of songs from anywhere at any time.
Stay on top of appointments, dates, meetings, and other important events using the Google Home Max as your assistant. Okay, Google, what time is my meeting with corporate tomorrow?” Google schedules your events using just your voice, or use the Nest app to control everything at your fingertips.
The Google Home Max works with Google Assistant, Hue, Nest, Ring, SmartThings, and Wink to help you gain complete control over all of your smart devices. Just connect to your WiFi network and get started immediately. Every wish is at your command with the Google Home Max. Ask it a question, and it answers. Tell it what to do, and it does it. If only everything in life could be this easy!
With the Google Home Max, take control of your home with the sound of your voice. You never have to lift a finger again. Say the command or ask the question, and you get answers and results immediately.
For all questions and concerns about how to use your Google Home Max, speak to an expert. At Techy, we’re the one-stop shop for your home’s smart devices. We will answer your questions and help you solve any issues with your devices. Call Techy today and speak to an expert about your new Google Home Max!



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