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Google WiFi

Stay connected with the world around you with the Google WiFi system. Google WiFi can replace your old router network and is compatible with your modem and ISP to create its network. Increase your home’s WiFi coverage and begin streaming, downloading, and sharing instantly.

Your WiFi Coverage Instantly

Watch your home’s WiFi coverage expand, enabling seamless streaming, downloading, and sharing. Google WiFi boasts built-in innovative features to maintain a high-speed network, offering flexibility, eliminating dead zones, and effortlessly handling smart devices and other online activities.

Meets Strength and Security

Setting up and managing Google WiFi is a breeze, and it ensures a consistently robust and secure signal. You can trust it to create a connected system that blankets your entire home with a strong signal. What’s more, it optimizes your upload, download, and search speeds, enhancing your online experience.

Streaming with Mesh Technology

Google WiFi employs mesh technology to unify your WiFi network, allowing you to stream movies on your smartphone or tablet from any room without signal interruptions. Say goodbye to the frustration of dropped signals during your favorite shows.

Advanced Cloud-Based Security

Rest easy with Google WiFi’s cloud-based security features. They automatically update to shield your WiFi network against potential threats from hackers and eavesdroppers, ensuring the safety of your data. Plus, the Google WiFi app allows you to share your WiFi password with friends and family effortlessly.

Family-Friendly Controls

Keep an eye on your family’s screen time and regulate their Internet access, especially during bedtime. Google WiFi empowers you to manage your children’s online activities, ensuring a healthy balance between digital and offline time.

Universal Compatibility and Best Performance

Google WiFi plays nicely with Android OS 4.0 or higher and Apple iOS 8 or higher. It delivers a dependable signal that can be shared among multiple smart devices simultaneously. Enjoy the confidence of a strong and secure connection as you move from room to room, streaming, uploading, downloading, and searching at peak performance speeds.

Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips

For any questions or assistance with your Google WiFi, turn to Techy Company. Our skilled team can help you set up Google WiFi in your home and guide you through the entire system. Whether you need advice or hands-on support, we’re here to ensure you make the most of your WiFi experience.

Visit one of our Techy locations or give us a call today. Say hello to uninterrupted connectivity with Google WiFi, courtesy of Techy Company.



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