iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair

Techy Repair Services for iPhone Xs and Max

If you’re the owner of an iPhone Xs or Xs Max, you are on the cutting-edge of smartphone technology. Apple has designed this device to be the most intuitive and future-focused mobile device to date. Unfortunately, like any type of new technology, there are bound to be problems.

Our team at Techy has been trained to diagnose and repair a wide range of issues that are associated with the iPhone Xs and Max. From minor scratches and glitches to major problems like a device that won’t turn on, or camera that doesn’t work correctly – Techy can help.

Techy iPhone Xs & Xs Max Screen Repairs

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max’s standard 5.8-inch diagonal widescreen LCD display is one of the most important features on the device. It wraps from edge to edge, providing 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi.

When something goes wrong with an iPhone Xs & Xs Max screen, it needs to be repaired right away. The super retina HD display is extremely sensitive, even a small chip in the protective glass can develop into a crack, negatively impacting the overall touchscreen functionality. Other iPhone Xs & Xs Max screen problems we can repair include:

  • Cracked or shattered screen
  • Screen won’t turn on
  • Face ID won’t work properly
  • The touchscreen display is unresponsive
  • Screen Burn-In
  • iPhone Xs & Xs Max Water or Dust Damage Repairs

    While the iPhone Xs & Xs Max is splash, water and dust resistant – it is not splash, water or dust proof. This means that certain amounts of liquid or dust can damage your device internally and externally.

    Not sure if your iPhone Xs & Xs Max problems are occurring because of liquid damage? Here are a few symptoms that are most common when an iPhone Xs & Xs Max has been exposed to too much of a liquid:

  • Problems with powering up
  • Speakers or microphones aren’t working
  • Overheating
  • Warning messages during charging
  • Apps opening or closing unexpectedly
  • Dust has a larger impact on the outside functions of the iPhone Xs and Max. One of the most common issues caused by dust is when small particles get into the camera lens. This can cause photos and videos to be blurry or skewed. And, if dust or dirt makes its way into the phone, it can damage the SIM card.

    iPhone Xs & Xs Max Camera Repairs

    Speaking of the iPhone Xs & Xs Max camera, other outstanding elements of the iPhone Xs & Xs Max is its notable two cameras and video recording capabilities. Unfortunately, these enhanced pieces of technology are delicate and complex. Often, when a problem occurs with this piece of the device, it can’t be fixed without professional help.

    For example, the devices’ 12-megapixel camera, rear-facing camera and 4k video recording are all vulnerable to issues including:

  • Out-of-focus or blurry images
  • Broken Face ID feature
  • Camera/videos freeze
  • Microphones don’t work correctly
  • Same Day, Inexpensive iPhone Xs & Xs Max Repairs at Techy

    We know that you don’t have time to waste when it comes to getting your iPhone Xs & Xs Max repaired. That’s why we offer same day repairs. You don’t have to be without your device for any longer than absolutely necessary. In fact, many of our iPhone Xs & Xs Max services, especially iPhone screen repairs, can be completed by our team while you wait. Lounge on our trademark orange couches and enjoy an ice-cold bottle water.

    Techy is also proud to offer affordable repairs for the iPhone X. We believe that just because a device is expensive initially, doesn’t mean its repairs have to break the bank – especially since damage in inevitable. If you have an iPhone Xs & Xs Max with a problem (small or large), contact Techy today to schedule an appointment. Our team can run a diagnostic test on your device to pinpoint the problems as well as provide you with a variety of quick, cost-effective solutions. From there, you can decide which Techy solution works best for you, your device and your budget.

    Lifetime Warranty on Repairs

    We can’t forget to mention that all of our iPhone Xs & Xs Max repairs come with a lifetime warranty. This means that once we fix your problem, you never have to worry about it again. We stand behind every repair and ensure that it is the true solution to your issue. After we complete the repair, if you have any additional problems relating to our service, you can bring back your device at any time for additional support.

    Contact Us or Stop By Today!

    Customer satisfaction is key to Techy’s success. Let our team at Techy repair your device while you relax. Make an appointment and rest assured that your iPhone Xs & Xs Max will be back to working like its brand new in no time.

    You also have the option of stopping into one of our locations at your leisure without an appointment. On your lunch break, after work, on a weekend morning – our team of technicians is ready to fix your iPhone Xs & Xs Max problem.