iPhone 6S PLUS Repair service

Even before its official launch, the iPhone 6s was sold out. Apple loyalists had no problem leaving their iPhone 5 or 6 in the dust as they scrambled to pre-order the company’s newest smartphone. While the outside of the device looked almost identical to its predecessor, the inside of this smartphone has been significantly improved. The good news is that this device brings so much more to the table than consumers were expecting. The bad news is that it isn’t immune to the typical damage that plagues iPhones.


The power and volume buttons are a crucial part of any smartphone. There can be serious problems when they stop working. From the most basic functionality of the phone to being able to adjust music or gaming sound, having buttons that don’t work can be extremely frustrating. There are a lot of elements that could affect the condition of iPhone buttons, including how often they are used, the elements in which the device exists, and the quality of the phone overall. For example, water damage can directly and negatively impact any and all of the buttons on an iPhone 6s.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus screen repair

Apple’s iPhones also battle with charging problems. Not charging and losing charge too fast are both problems that owners experience. Unlike the issue with exterior buttons, not charging can be an interior problem due to the charging port, charging cord, or software system on the device. There are a variety of causes for this problem that can most likely only be diagnosed and fixed by a professional. In addition, problems with charging need to be addressed right away, as a smartphone without a charge is useless.

Water damage repair for the iPhone 6 Plus

Even though the iPhone 6s has notable improvements on the inside and outside, it still isn’t waterproof, heatproof, or crack-proof. While professionals in the electronic device repair industry, like our team at Techy PhoneFix, are versed in fixing common smartphone problems, we are also always learning about emerging problems. As technology changes and improves, so does the repair industry. As quality professionals, Techy Phone Fix teams are constantly learning about Apple’s updates and improvements.

iPhone 6s plus repair technician

Our team understands that all repairs need to be done promptly and properly. We know that our customers rely on their smartphones and are at a disadvantage both professionally and personally without one. That is why we stay updated on the newest technology and the newest ways to find and fix common electronic device problems. We also know the importance of having local storefronts so smartphone users in all neighborhoods have somewhere reliable to take their devices for repair.


It is important that if you have any issues with your new iPhone 6s, you get them taken care of right away. Minor problems can quickly turn into major problems if they aren’t addressed and fixed. A quick fix can keep your iPhone 6s in great condition and working perfectly for years to come—or just until Apple releases a new version of the iPhone.



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