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Cell Phone Repair Leesburg, VA

Phone Repair Services Near Leesburg, VA

Are you always asking yourself, “Where can I find cell phone repair near me?” We have the solution for you. Stop driving to another city to have your smart devices repaired. You now have a place nearby at 521 East Market St, Suite D, Leesburg, VA, that you can visit. Experimax technicians can do broken charging ports, phone screen repair in Leesburg, VA, and more. Think of Experimax when you wonder, “What places can fix phones near me”. Experimax is the best cell phone store that can complete fast and quality iphone repair services in Leesburg, VA. If you have been searching for a device repair service by searching for a phone near me, phone screen repair near me, or phone repair service nearby, it is time to end your search.

Cell Phone Screen Repair Services in Leesburg, VA

Are you looking for a phone screen repair shop in Leesburg, VA, that fixes various phone brands? Experimax is the place to go. Our team of technicians can fix iPhone 11s, Google Pixel 6, older phone models, and so much more. We have specialized in cell phone repairs for over 15 years. Our technicians are the best in Leesburg, VA. You can trust Experimax when you need fast and reliable iphone screen repairs in Leesburg, VA.

We are located right in your neighborhood to make cell phone repairs convenient for you. Don’t delay your phone repairs. Stop by before you start your day or on your way back home, and one of our technicians will help you get your phone working like brand new again.

Fix Cell Phone in Leesburg, VA

As soon as you walk into the Experimax store, you will be welcomed by our friendly team. Our technicians have repaired thousands of broken phones in Leesburg, VA. Experimax can be where you find your personal repair technician whenever you need assistance with your smartphone devices. We take pride in building relationships with our customers in the community. We repair all types of smartphones from Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Apple, and more.

Stop by even if you don’t have an appointment. Rain or shine, we are here to help you get your phone repaired the same day. We make our services flexible so you can return to your day. Stop by today for a free diagnostic. We offer the best cell phone repair service at 521 East Market St, Suite D, Leesburg, VA — no more driving across town for phone repair services.





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    I have an older Dell Computer that wasn't charging. I thought the battery was dead but Allen was able to diagnose that it wasn't the battery after all but the charging port. Allen's dianosis and repair has my computer back working perfectly and I couldn't be happier. I will definitely use Allen again for any electronics repair that I need in the future.

    Joshua Young
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    I fully appreciate the professionals at Experimax. They have helped me out in a pinch more than once and always help me extend the useful life of my Apple products. Replaced batteries, purchasing gently used MacBooks in great shape, technical product troubleshooting, and the occasional power adapter replacement. They are the best kept secret in Apple product support that needs to be exposed so more can benefit from their great services.

    Alan Soucier
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    These guys are on the ball! They have great used Macs and iPads and they are friendly and pro-active. I went in with a "dead" hard drive. They took a look right away and fixed it on the spot. Somehow the hard-drive became unmounted. I am going here whenever I have a firmware issue. I will go back for an Apple watch soon!

    Blue Pearl Strategy
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    Allen and his team are absolutely fantastic to work with when it comes to computers. They do not only provide great work but they're totally professional is all aspects of their business. Regardless of the issue with your computer, age of your device, etc., I strongly recommend anyone who has any computer challenge to visit Allen and his team at Experimax. You'll be glad you did!

    Gordon Sumner



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