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Motorola Edge

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Motorola Edge Repairs

Did you drop your phone, shattering the screen beyond recognition? Did a liquid substance splash upon your device, rendering it completely dysfunctional? Is something wrong with your charging port? Is the battery worn out due to old age? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you require immediate assistance with your device. At Techy, we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence in everything that we do. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed on all of our mobile device repairs. We also provide same-day services on minor cell phone repair services, including water damage repair and screen replacement. We’re confident that our cell phone repair technicians can repair your Motorola Edge quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all preceding repairs after your initial repair. This means that if you’re experiencing the same issues with your device after we’ve repaired it once, your next repair is absolutely free of charge. We’ll diagnose the problem and repair it immediately. After the diagnostic examination of your device, you’re under no obligation to continue a repair with us. However, if you choose to continue with your repair, we promise to fix it as quickly as we possibly can. Stop by your nearest Techy location or give us a call to schedule an appointment to have your Motorola Edge working as good as new once again!

Motorola Edge Screen Repairs

At Techy, we specialize in repairing all kidneys fo smartphones of all makes and models. When it comes to your damaged or broken Motorola Edge, you’re in good hands. If your Motorola Edge suffered a blow, cracking or shattering its screen beyond recognition, then Techy is the place to go. We’re a one-stop-shop for all of your cell phone repair needs. We have the quality parts on deck to handle just about any job. Our highly qualified and experienced cell phone repair technicians are available to fix your phone fast, cutting your wait-time in half. We can even replace your screen in as little as 30 minutes or less. We also have a wide selection of tempered glass options to place upon your device to protect it from scratches and other further damages. Choose a tempered glass option as a fantastic new addition to your Motorola Edge to keep it safe and make it last longer. Bring your damaged Motorola Edge to a Techy location nearest you to have your screen replacement at a low price!

Motorola Edge Water Damage Repairs

When you spill water on your smartphone, it can seem as if there is no hope. However, we’re here to tell you that all hope is not lost. We can help! Water damage can affect many things with your device. It can hinder your ability to hear audio correctly, view pictures or videos, talk on the phone, send or receive phone calls or text messages, and scroll through your device. When this happens, your phone is no longer of good use. This is a big problem considering the amount of importance we place upon our smartphones. So, if your phone suffered water damage, then bring it to Techy immediately. Our friendly and helpful technicians will fix your Motorola Edge in no time. We’ll replace any wet components on your device with brand new materials to have it up and running fast! Call to schedule an appointment or stop by a Techy location nearest you today!