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Cell Phone Repair Naperville, IL

Phone Repair Services Near Naperville, IL

Are you always asking yourself, “Where can I find cell phone repair near me?” We have the solution for you. Stop driving to another city to have your smart devices repaired. You now have a place nearby at 1523 North Aurora Rd, Suite 111, Naperville, IL, that you can visit. Experimax technicians can do broken charging ports, phone screen repair in Naperville, IL, and more. Think of Experimax when you wonder, “What places can fix phones near me”. Experimax is the best cell phone store that can complete fast and quality iPhone repair services in Naperville, IL. If you have been searching for a device repair service by searching for a phone near me, phone screen repair near me, or phone repair service nearby, it is time to end your search.

Cell Phone Screen Repair Services in Naperville, IL

Are you looking for a phone screen repair shop in Naperville, IL, that fixes various phone brands? Experimax is the place to go. Our team of technicians can fix iPhone 11s, Google Pixel 6, older phone models, and so much more. We have specialized in cell phone repairs for over 15 years. Our technicians are the best in Naperville, IL. You can trust Experimax when you need fast and reliable iphone screen repairs in Naperville, IL.

We are located right in your neighborhood to make cell phone repairs convenient for you. Don’t delay your phone repairs. Stop by before you start your day or on your way back home, and one of our technicians will help you get your phone working like brand new again.

Fix Cell Phone in Naperville, IL

As soon as you walk into the Experimax store, you will be welcomed by our friendly team. Our technicians have repaired thousands of broken phones in Naperville, IL. Experimax can be where you find your personal repair technician whenever you need assistance with your smartphone devices. We take pride in building relationships with our customers in the community. We repair all types of smartphones from Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Apple, and more.

Stop by even if you don’t have an appointment. Rain or shine, we are here to help you get your phone repaired the same day. We make our services flexible so you can return to your day. Stop by today for a free diagnostic. We offer the best cell phone repair service at 1523 North Aurora Rd, Suite 111, Naperville, IL — no more driving across town for phone repair services.





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    I went to the Mac Store. They couldn't help me fix my 2015 MacBook Pro and wanted me to buy a new one. I figured my MacBook Pro could be fixed. I was right! I went to Experimac in Naperville. They fixed my computer and it was ready the next day! the $160 fix was much cheaper than spending $2500 on a new MacBook Pro!! My older computer runs like new. In fact, I am using it now!! Bret Derrickson Broker-Owner Urban Aire Realty, Warrenville

    Bret Derrickson
  • avatar-icon-png

    I am so impressed with the Experimax team in Naperville! I initially reached out via their webform inquiry to see if they might be able to repair my 2007 iMac which had made a sudden explosion noise several years ago and quit working. It happened when my daughter was less than a month old so I had put it on the back burner. At one point I had taken it to the Apple Genius Bar and they were unable to help me. They referred me someplace very far from me. I then looked in to another local place, but they were unable to help me as well. Luckily I eventually found Experimax via a web search! After a few courteous email exchanges with Thayer, I was told they will likely be able to repair my device, but they would have to run diagnostics in order to tell what is wrong and how to fix it. I went forward with that. I received a call from Jerry from their office just a short time later and he told me he had good news, he was able to repair my iMac with parts from mine and another one they had in store! It was running like brand new again and all of my files and software were still intact! I asked him if they had a mouse and keyboard I could purchase as well as my keyboard had corroded from the batteries and he did have those available at a reasonable cost so I agreed to that and he paired them for me and had them ready to go! I am very happy with their company and we will definitely go to them for all future computer and phone repairs! Thank you Experimax - Thayer and Jerry, I appreciate you both!

    Ashley Karm
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    my 2018 MacBook pro had an update that made the keyboard bad , since I was out of warranty I didn't want to spend a lot on getting it fixed, then in a few months after another update, my hard disk stopped responding. I was out of luck. I thought I would use my MacBook which I spent $1800 will be good for me for 10 years. anyway I was searching on google and found this place which happened to be just opposite my gym ( god knows why I never saw this ) I went in and explained the issues and they kept it for two days. I got a call from them saying they were able to bring back the mac to life.  happy with their service. Thank you

    Sanil Thomas
  • avatar-icon-png

    Thank you! I cannot recommend this shop highly enough. To begin with, the staff was welcoming, friendly, professional and knowledgeable from the first moment I walked in. I thought I had lost significant data and system functionality in a hard drive crash. They properly diagnosed the problem and were able to restore all of the data and then restore my Mac Mini with a new drive. They really saved me. I would not hesitate to bring a problem to them or to choose them over any other computer repair options. Thanks again!

    John Ambrosia



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