Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Installation

Nest Indoor Security Smart Cameras

Nest and Google have come together to create a smarter security camera to provide peace of mind in crystal clear picture quality. With Nest Indoor Security Cameras, you can always keep an eye on what matters to you. No matter what you’re trying to keep tabs on, the Nest Indoor Security Camera sees it all. With easy installation and angle maneuverability, you can place your cameras anywhere in and around your home. 

You can also receive text notifications, alerting you of movement activity by something or someone to help you stay safe even when you’re not home. The best part of the Nest Indoor Security Camera system is that it can differentiate between movement from someone who is entering a room, to activity from someone entering your actual house. 

The Nest Indoor Security Camera also has a built-in speaker and microphone feature so that you can hear what’s happening in and around your home. Nest Indoor Security Cameras are now smarter than ever and are designed to communicate with other smart devices around your home. 

Integration is the name of the game with Nest Indoor Security. Your Nest Indoor Security Camera system is able to use your smart light bulb to capture your attention in the event of an emergency. Your smartphone is integrated with the Nest Indoor Security Camera so that you can record activity from the past footage and also monitor activity in real-time.


The lightweight and compact size makes the installation super easy. When installing, you must first identify the installation area where you’d like your Nest Indoor Security Camera to be placed. The Nest Indoor Security Camera stand makes it easy to sit on many surfaces throughout your home. 

It also has a built-in magnet so you can attach it to a metallic surface. Use the removable wall place to attach your Nest Indoor Security Camera to the wall, or attach it to any standard tripod mount by unscrewing the camera from the base.

Keep your home or office safe and sound with the Nest Indoor Security Camera. Offering peace of mind and all-around home security is what Nest is all about. For all of your installation needs, stop by a Techy location. We will handle your Nest Indoor Security Camera installation so that you can make your home safer and more secure.