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Nest Outdoor Security Camera

Looking for better home security, day or night, rain or shine? With the Nest Outdoor Security Camera, you can look after your home 24/7. Nest and Google have joined together to create a smart security camera system that is integrated with your other smart devices. 

You’ll receive alerts on your phone whenever there is movement around your home so that you can know about a break before it happens, as well as catching a trespasser, wild animal, or any other unwanted guests on your property. Also, the built-in microphone feature allows you to speak into the app and scare the unwanted guest so that he runs off.

The Nest Outdoor Camera is waterproof, so no matter what the weather conditions are, your home is always under surveillance. The Nest Outdoor Camera is always plugged into power so the battery never runs out, giving you more peace of mind. With an all-glass lens and 1080p HD image quality, the Nest Outdoor Camera gives you a crystal-clear clarity picture, day or night. It also has 130-degree wide-angle viewing with 8x zoom so that you can see every detail of your home’s exterior. 


Installing the Nest Outdoor Camera is simple. Just plug in the Nest Outdoor Camera cable to the adapter, and mount the camera wherever you see fit. Techy handles all of your home security camera installation needs. 

Keep your home, office, and entire neighborhood safe. You can help prevent crime altogether since most burglars won’t attempt to burglarize a home or building with a surveillance system. Also, you can make a public or password-protected live stream and share it with your neighbors so that everyone can stay safe and secure. 

Listen in on suspicious visitors with the built-in speaker and mic when you’re not home. Or, if you have an important visitor, like a delivery carrier or friendly neighbor, you can speak to them through the app. Since you can’t always monitor your video feed, the Nest Outdoor Camera searches for any motion while also listening for conspicuous sounds. The Nest Outdoor Camera sends you an alert by phone or email with a snapshot of the event. 

Techy can handle all of your installation needs. Come by one of our locations or call us to set up an appointment to have your Nest Outdoor Camera installed and ready to protect your home. 

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