Microsoft Surface Repair

Microsoft Surface Repair by Techy

Are you looking for somewhere to take your Microsoft Surface for repair? Look no further; there are Techy locations around the nation that are ready to help. At Techy, we perform surface repairs quickly and affordable, with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

Our team has the skills and tools necessary for Microsoft surface repair and replacement services on any surface or model type. All you have to do is bring in your device, and we will take care of the rest.

To schedule an appointment at Techy, you can call or email us. We also welcome walk-ins!


Let our team at Techy help make your Microsoft surface even better. Our troubleshooting services can improve the overall experience when using your device. We can handle all upgrades and installations to core software and additional programs. Our tech experts can also perform speed optimization and data recovery.

Diagnostic Services

It is very common to experience a problem with your Microsoft Surface but not know precisely what is causing it. It’s challenging to fix a problem when you don’t even know what it is!

At Techy, we can run a diagnostic service that explores all facets of the laptop computer. This service includes examining the device’s software and hardware to find the actual cause of the problem. When our team finds the real problem, they can recommend the right repair or replacement.


Unfortunately, the days of at-home repairs for computers are long gone. Today’s computer technology is just too advanced for do-it-yourself fixes. But at Techy, there is a team of trained technicians that can perform these repairs for you.

Our teams have the education, skills, and tools to work on all types of surface repairs like microsoft surface pro, microsoft surface studio, microsoft surface duo, microsoft surface go, microsoft surface book, microsoft surface pen, and more. Some of the most common repairs performed include screen repairs or replacement, charging ports that aren’t functioning correctly, issues with the surface motherboard, and battery problems.

To schedule a repair for your Microsoft Surface, contact Techy today!


In addition to offering repair services, Techy also provides replacement parts and services for Microsoft Surface.

Many times, when it looks like a computer might need a repair, it truly just needs a replacement part. With so many complicated aspects of each Microsoft Surface computer, one bad piece of hardware can impact the entire device.

A damaged charging port makes it difficult for your Microsoft device to gain and hold a charge. Luckily, this is an easy fix for Techy! We can quickly swap out a bad charging port for a new one, making the Microsoft Surface work like new.

Lifetime Warranty

You should feel confident when you choose a repair company for your Microsoft Surface. Techy offers a lifetime warranty, so our customers always have peace of mind when they have a service completed by our team. This lifetime warranty covers any parts used in repair and replacement, as well as labor.

It’s vital that any completed work on your Surface or any electronic device is supported for the long term. When a problem is fixed correctly, it should not return. If a previously repaired problem on your Microsoft Surface reappears with Techy’s lifetime warranty, just bring it back to us and make it right.

How Techy Can Help

Techy can help enhance or repair your Microsoft Surface. Our team is always available for troubleshooting, a diagnostic service, a repair service, or a replacement service. At our Techy locations, we also sell a wide variety of computer accessories.

Let us help you make your Microsoft experience even better. Call or email Techy today with questions or concerns or to schedule an appointment for service. We can’t wait to meet and serve you.

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