Samsung Galaxy S10e Repair

Samsung Galaxy S10e Repair

After the first time in 10 years, it’s now time to meet the latest and most significant innovation yet in mobile pioneering. The Samsung Galaxy S10e has arrived and has been making waves across the mobile community. People are ranting and raving about the fantastic features, capabilities, and superiority of its predecessors. Completely redesigned to be faster, smarter, and more secure, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is practically unstoppable.

However special this technological masterpiece is, nothing is indestructible. Just like any other smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is susceptible to damage. Whether it’s damage to the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, charging port, or Dynamic AMOLED display, you’re going to need top-quality repair services. For all of your Samsung Galaxy S10e repair needs, call Techy. We’ve got you covered and will have your Samsung Galaxy S10e looking and functioning as well as new.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Screen Repair

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is well known for its 5.8-inch flat screen that produces the most color-accurate HDR10+ AMOLED display on the market. It provides users with the highest quality cinematic experience for all of their on-the-go entertainment needs. Ensuring that your Samsung Galaxy S10e is protected against accidental drops and scratches is crucial since you wouldn’t want anything affecting the same display’s incredible picture quality that caught your attention in the first place.

With that being said, accidents happen, and your phone can still endure screen damage. If this happens, don’t panic. Techy is here to fix any screen-related issues and have your phone looking as beautiful as the day that you got it. We have the tools and knowledge required to solve any mysteries related to your phone, and you can come by the store and browse through any of our personalized phone cases to further protect your phone from damage.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Water Damage Repair

What else is super neat about the Samsung Galaxy S10e is that it is water and dust-resistant. It has a rating of IP68 and protects against damage from rain, accidental submersion into any body of water, or other similar situations. Despite the Samsung Galaxy S10e having an impressive water-resistance rating, it’s still never a good idea to allow your phone to come into contact with water or any liquid substance.

It can still cause damage to your phone’s internal frame and result in issues with your phone’s functionality. If your phone comes into contact with water, then call Techy. Our dedicated technicians will repair any water-damaged components of your Samsung Galaxy S10e so that you can walk out with a smoothly-operating phone that you can be proud of.



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