Samsung Galaxy S20 Repair

Samsung Galaxy S20 Repair

The Samsung Galaxy S20 was once considered the Rolls-Royce of Android devices before the introduction of the S20 Ultra. This powerful flagship smartphone offers a super-smooth 120Hz display and a highly advanced camera system. These features, along with its 8K video capture, fast processor, and improved RAM make this particular phone irresistible to those who love to snap a selfie or capture moments in real time.

This 5G beauty, even with all of its incredible features, is still vulnerable to damage. When your Samsung Galaxy S20 gets damaged in any way, bring it to Techy.

We will repair your Samsung Galaxy S20 device quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We even offer same-day repair service for certain repairs, like screen replacement or water damage repairs. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all preceding repairs made to your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Screen Repair

When your Samsung Galaxy S20 screen gets cracked or scratched, it can be devastating. Your smartphone is an investment that you want to protect as much as possible. So, when it gets compromised, it can feel as if your wallet is getting lighter and lighter by the second.

At Techy, we offer affordable Samsung Galaxy S20 screen replacements. We even offer same-day screen replacement services so that you don’t have to wait any longer than you have to. Just bring in your Samsung Galaxy S10 and we will replace your screen right on the spot!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Water Damage Repair

Water damage is a common occurrence with smartphone devices. When your Samsung Galaxy S20 comes in contact with water, it can lead to serious internal and external damages that can wreak havoc on your system functions.

We will replace or dry out any water-damaged components on your Samsung Galaxy S20 device so that your phone is looking and working as well as new. Our cellphone repair technicians work quickly and diligently to get your device up and running. Come by any of our Techy locations so that we can fix your water-damaged Samsung Galaxy S20 today!



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