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Cell Phone Repair James Center Richmond, VA

Phone Repair Services in James Center Richmond, VA

Are you always asking yourself, “Where can I find cell phone repair near me?” We have the solution for you. Stop driving to another city to have your smart devices repaired. You now have a place nearby at 1051 E Cary St #112, James Center Richmond, VA, that you can visit. Experimax technicians can do broken charging ports, phone screen repair in Richmond, VA - James Center, and more. Think of Experimax when you wonder, “What places can fix phones near me”. Experimax is the best cell phone store that can complete fast and quality iPhone repair services in James Center Richmond, VA. If you have been searching for a device repair service by searching for a phone near me, phone screen repair near me, or phone repair service nearby, it is time to end your search.

Cell Phone Screen Repair Services in James Center Richmond, VA

Are you looking for a phone screen repair shop in Richmond, VA - James Center, that fixes various phone brands? Experimax is the place to go. Our team of technicians can fix iPhone 11s, Google Pixel 6, older phone models, and so much more. We have specialized in cell phone repairs for over 15 years. Our technicians are the best in Richmond, VA - James Center. You can trust Experimax when you need fast and reliable iphone screen repairs in James Center Richmond, VA.

We are located right in your neighborhood to make cell phone repairs convenient for you. Don’t delay your phone repairs. Stop by before you start your day or on your way back home, and one of our technicians will help you get your phone working like brand new again.

Fix Cell Phone in James Center Richmond, VA

As soon as you walk into the Experimax store, you will be welcomed by our friendly team. Our technicians have repaired thousands of broken phones in James Center Richmond, VA. Experimax can be where you find your personal repair technician whenever you need assistance with your smartphone devices. We take pride in building relationships with our customers in the community. We repair all types of smartphones from Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Apple, and more.

Stop by even if you don’t have an appointment. Rain or shine, we are here to help you get your phone repaired the same day. We make our services flexible so you can return to your day. Stop by today for a free diagnostic. We offer the best cell phone repair service at 1051 E Cary St #112, James Center Richmond, VA — no more driving across town for phone repair services.





57+ REVIEWS - 4.9
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    Experimax is a top notch, one stop shop for fixing all of your apple issues. Mr. Blue and Justin are the best!! I brought my 2015 MacBook Pro with an OLD operating system and they installed a new one in no time at all! I haven't been able to use web-browsers and other aspects of my laptop in months and they fixed it for me, no problem, and quickly, too. Thank you so much, Experimax!

    Rachel Wilson
  • avatar-icon-png

    I work in the James Center and always use this location to help me with my phones over the years. Couple cracked screens here and there, and they always took care of it quickly and efficiently. This time, I am having a simple issue of not being able to hear people when they call me. Inevitably having to put them on speaker phone, and being in an office, that grew tiresome having to find private spots to hold calls of any sensitive nature. Justin happened to be in today and I popped in to ask if there could possibly be something inside muffling the speaker, and he said he’d take a look and also checked the settings. When I came back, he was finishing up(less than 10 minutes) and had me call his phone. What a difference! Can’t recommend this place enough, they’re always super helpful and very knowledgeable. Also, they don’t make me feel bad for not knowing a thing about electronics! Bonus, for sure.

    Erin Fitch
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    They are the best, the owner is amazing, he was very passionate at providing the best service possible. He kindly upgraded my phone at no extra cost ensuring I had the best customer service experience. They are always friendly passionate about helping others needs. They give you that feeling of family not just a business but make you feel like family. Their business is very clean and the owner is a military veteran like myself. He is very kind and humble and eager to help his customers. They go above and beyond customer service.

    Mr. Olympus
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    This place is absolutely perfect! I had a few issues with my drive so I came here too get answers on what the problem could be and how it can be fixed because I knew I couldn't do it myself. Experimax was able to fix my drive for me, I am super excited. I recommend this place to anyone who needs help with computer issues. Customer service was excellent and I will definitely come back when I have any problems in the future. Thanks

    CJBrown “OfficialCJBrown”
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    I'm usually skeptical when I see only 5 star reviews for a place, but really, Experimax deserves every star. The staff was very friendly, helpful, and willing to answer each and every question both me and my mother threw at him (thanks for being a champ, Justin). Also, the quality of service is worth the price (it's very fairly priced). Does it beat the apple store? Definitely, especially if you have a model that's on the older side. All in all, definitely a good place to consider and check out.

    Jay Ward



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