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iPhone Repair Techy Sarasota
iPhone Repair

Your iPhone repair needs quality parts and a professional technician. Techy has quality prices available with the best customer service.

Tablet Repair Techy Sarasota
Tablet Repair

No matter what tablet brand you have, our Techy technicians are skilled at repairing your tablet. Your device is in good hands.

Buy Sell Devices Techy Sarasota
Buy Devices

Techy has a variety of devices that you can purchase at a quality price. If you are looking for a new device, look no further, we can help you find the best tech with the features you want.

Cell Phone Repair Techy Sarasota
Cell Phone Repair

If your smartphone has water damage or a cracked screen, we can fix it. We will have your phone in good condition immediately.

Sell Your Devices Techy Sarasota
Sell Your Device

Receive payment for those used devices that you have at home. Techy takes devices like old laptops, phones, drones, and more.

Game Console Repair Techy Sarasota
Game Console Repair

Get back to fighting the enemy or shooting hoops on the latest NBA 2K with a repaired game console. Techy offers the best repair on game consoles.

Computer Repair Techy Sarasota
Computer Repair

Get back to work or leisure time with a restored computer. Our technicians are experts when it comes to laptops and desktop computers.

Cell Phone Accessories Repair Techy Sarasota

Your smartphone and a pair of headphones are the ultimate duos. Find accessories that will enhance your usage on your devices at Techy. The options are limitless with us. You can find wireless chargers, phone cases, portable speakers, and more.

iPad Repair Techy Sarasota
iPad Repair

Your iPad® has individual parts affiliated with Apple®, so it needs special care when it comes to repairing it. Trust Techy for quality iPad repair that will keep your device in good condition.

Tv Installations Service Techy Sarasota
Smart Installs

Call Techy for all your smart home installations. We can mount and dismount your TV. If you need help setting up your home theater, we are here to help.


Cell Phone Repair Sarasota FL

Fast, affordable cell phone repair is a reality in Sarasota, FL. Located on the Gulf Coast, Sarasota, FL, provides sandy beaches, art museums and more to visitors and locals. Don’t get caught with a broken phone at a cultural exhibit where you’ll want to capture family memories! If your smartphone breaks, bring it to Techy for full free diagnostics and a full repair. Whether you have an iPhone ,Samsung or other models, we can get it working again.


We handle all kinds of issues, from broken or shattered screens and water damage to jammed home buttons, connectivity issues and other problems. So, the next time you wonder, “Where can I get my phone fixed quickly?” Remember the Techy name. No matter the problem, you can visit our convenient location in Sarasota, FL for the nearest cell phone repair.

iPhone Repair Sarasota FL

We’ve completed iPhone repairs for hundreds of customers, so you can be confident we know what we’re doing. Common repairs include iPhone water damage repair, iPhone cracked screen repair sarasota and iPhone charging port repair. Trust the Techy team to diagnose and fix your phone’s issue quickly.


Whether you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 8, iPhone X , we are familiar with all generations of iPhone and we’ll assist you with industry-leading skills and expertise. We offer cheap iPhone repair. But cheap doesn’t mean shoddy at Techy. Every repair we complete is backed by a lifetime warranty, so if you’re not satisfied, you can bring it back to our iPhone repair shop in Sarasota, FL and we’ll find a satisfactory solution.

Computer Repair Sarasota FL

Your computer is one of the most important tools you use to communicate. Don’t let a computer repair slow you down! We offer affordable computer repair that fits into even the busiest schedules. Rest assured knowing your device is with a team that has decades of experience in the repair business and that vows to provide only exceptional quality and reliable support.


Computer screen repair in sarasota, monitor repairs and more — your most challenging technology issues are no match for the team at Techy. We offer our expertise in both Windows and Apple computer repairin Sarasota, FL. Get your computer, laptop repair in sarasota or PC back in working order with help from the knowledgeable technicians at Techy.