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Cell Phone Repair Worthington, OH

Phone Repair Services Near Worthington, OH

Are you always asking yourself, “Where can I find cell phone repair near me?” We have the solution for you. Stop driving to another city to have your smart devices repaired. You now have a place nearby at 1337 Worthington Centre Drive, Worthington, OH, that you can visit. Experimax technicians can do broken charging ports, phone screen repair in Worthington, OH, and more. Think of Experimax when you wonder, “What places can fix phones near me”. Experimax is the best cell phone store that can complete fast and quality iPhone repair services in Worthington, OH. If you have been searching for a device repair service by searching for a phone near me, phone screen repair near me, or phone repair service nearby, it is time to end your search.

Cell Phone Screen Repair Services in Worthington, OH

Are you looking for a phone screen repair shop in Worthington, OH, that fixes various phone brands? Experimax is the place to go. Our team of technicians can fix iPhone 11s, Google Pixel 6, older phone models, and so much more. We have specialized in cell phone repairs for over 15 years. Our technicians are the best in Worthington, OH. You can trust Experimax when you need fast and reliable iPhone screen repairs in Worthington, OH.

We are located right in your neighborhood to make cell phone repairs convenient for you. Don’t delay your phone repairs. Stop by before you start your day or on your way back home, and one of our technicians will help you get your phone working like brand new again.

Fix Cell Phone in Worthington, OH

As soon as you walk into the Experimax store, you will be welcomed by our friendly team. Our technicians have repaired thousands of broken phones in Worthington, OH. Experimax can be where you find your personal repair technician whenever you need assistance with your smartphone devices. We take pride in building relationships with our customers in the community. We repair all types of smartphones from Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Apple, and more.

Stop by even if you don’t have an appointment. Rain or shine, we are here to help you get your phone repaired the same day. We make our services flexible so you can return to your day. Stop by today for a free diagnostic. We offer the best cell phone repair service at 1337 Worthington Centre Drive, Worthington, OH — no more driving across town for phone repair services.





116+ REVIEWS - 4.5
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    I appreciated the quick service. Experimax fixed a machine that had been bugging me for a long time. Very grateful for the experience. Highly recommended. A+++++

    Michael Reynolds
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    I stopped in today to get a key replaced on my MacBook Air keypad. Marty was able to replace the key within minutes and was super helpful! I will definitely be returning when I need computer or phone repairs. They also have a nice selection of refurbished macs that come with a one year warranty. So glad I found them!

    Michelle Reed
  • avatar-icon-png

    My 2013 IMac wasn't booting up so I took it to the Apple Store and they said my hard drive was dead and that I needed a new one. Stopped by Experimax, as I was at another store in the shopping center, described my problem to Marty and he suggested that it might just be an OS issue and to I bring it in for them to look at. Turned out, it was the OS and my iMac was back in business the next day. Great service, explained a variety of issues it might be, and in the end it was a great experience that saved me a bit of money. If I have another problem, I will be back.

    sandy donald
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    I’ve been coming here for years well I should say whenever my IPhone, Mac book or any of my I products are sick which is very rarely! I got to say today just solidified why Experimax is my GoTo place for all my I products. Marty was extremely helpful and was attentive to my all over the place needs🤭 Thanks Marty!

    Jamie Hager
  • avatar-icon-png

    Update on my review. Graphics card went bad in my Mac 9 months after buying it. That means the whole logic board gets replaced. Not good. Took it in and without me asking they warrantied it and gave me another computer and swapped my hard drive into the new one. I can attest that you can rest easy buying a used computer because they will back up their product. Bought a used Mac 6 months ago and they have supported their product for service at no cost this far. Had an update get corrupted and they helped me reinstall the OS. Charger went bad and they warrantied it. So far I've had great customer service and all of my questions answered. And I saved money on a quality used computer. Used doesn't mean that it won't cost you a decent amount of money however. It's just much less than a new one.

    Tyler Kilpatrick



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