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Techy Convenient Phone Repairs Using Credit Cards Protection Plan

Consumers can avoid paying phone insurance with the right credit card. Credit card companies are offering cell phone insurance to help cover phone damage. For consumers that purchase an $800 – $1,000 cell phone, credit card phone protection can be a way to ensure that they are not ditching out more money when accidental damages occur or if they lose their phones.

Cell phone protection covered through a credit card is convenient for consumers because most people already have credit-cards. Consumers can choose different types of credit-cards that will be a good fit for their spending and lifestyle.

Options for credits with phone protection:

Uber Visa Card

Consumers can take advantage of Uber Visa cards when using them to pay for their phone bills. Coverage with an Uber Visa Card range from $100 to $600. There is no annual fee for this type of card. It offers up to $600 for cell phone damage or loss.

U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card

Like Uber Visa Card, U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card covers $600 worth of damage or theft with a $25 deductible. With a U.S. Bank Visa Platinum Card, up to two claims of $1200 per 12-month period are included. This coverage can protect consumers’ primary and other cell phone lines when paying for cell phone bills.

Delta SkyMiles – Reserve American Express Credit Card

the Delta Platinum card includes up to $1600 in cell phone protection per 12-month period. As part of the protection plan, phone damages are covered. Submit up to 2 claims annually for $800 per claim. Each claim comes with a deductible of $50.

Consumers Advantage

Many consumers use their credit cards for other purchases from business expenses and retail shopping. It is a simple choice for consumers to use phone protection with credit cards. Consumers have several options to explore the best credit card phone protection.

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